Friday, February 3, 2012

Ilea party

So this is a bow I did to go with Ilea's party outfit and heres the shirt she will be wearing.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Get Organized...

I love looking on Pinterest, they have some really cool things that really will help you in life. Sine I am a stay at home wife/mom I am always looking for ways to stay organized and because of that I searched Pinterest like crazy looking for ways/ideas to make this happen.
A couple of days ago I came across this organizing site called A bowl full of lemons, so now I am signed up for her weekly organizing challenge. This week I am working on my kitchen.
You should join in!

January- Resolution

This was my first picture for Project 12-"Resolution"
I chose these books to remind myself the importance of family. You can never know too much about Parenting and being a great spouse.

Ilea is such a great big sister

Daddy's Love

"Daddy Hold"

My family

My beautiful girls...

My daddy in town

 My daddy came down from Lansing MI, to see his 5th grand daughter (I'anna, born Dec. 5 2011). We were so happy to see him, and since his visit was after Christmas he made sure he brought gifts.

 I'Ya got Paper Jam

 Isis got a Lava lamp

     A trip to my favorite coffee shop