Tuesday, May 7, 2013

THE "Over Priced Dress"

So its past my intended bedtime, however late at night is the only time life slows down long enough for me to think...

I love my life, I get to share it with some pretty awesome people!

This morning I got to bask in the moment of "the little things". 

It all stared like this:
3 months ago I took my at the time 3 year old, to the Disney Store for her birthday. It was her first time so we let her get any dress and doll she wanted. She picked Cinderella...
She got the "over priced" dress and the cute little doll. She loved every bit of it and wanted to put it on right there in the store and me being as cool as I am, went for it.
Well we come home and she stays in her dress through dinner. Then I had to pry, bribe... No I mean take it off her for bed. 
The next morning she hops out of bed and wants to put on her new dress, this time she wants to watch the Cinderella movie in her dress with her doll. So I put the dress and the movie on.
This goes on for weeks (not the movie... thats WAY TOO much TV).
AND THEN IT HAPPENS... the elastic in the strap of the "over priced" dress pops 😪
So apart of me wants to take it back but the store is SO far so I have to sew it. However I'm upset and I don't feel like sewing the dress. So I hang it up, with the thought that I will sew it later... later...
WELL weeks past, and here we are...
I get up this morning ready for life, so I pull the dress down, take it to my craft room and take out my needed supplies. I sew the "over priced" dress and place it on my little girls bed.

Just wait, the good part is coming...
Ilea, thats who this story is about, wakes up and screams "MOMMY,YOU FIXED MY DRESS IT'S A DREAM COME TRUE!"

For that alone I would do it ALL again.
It's great being a mom and what's even greater is having cool kids.

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  1. Sounds like she gets a lot of her sweet, thankful nature from you. :)