Saturday, June 29, 2013

Learning How to Color with More Definition

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I have been using Copic markers since October 2012 and I was doing pretty well with my coloring. But I had come across a few images that I absolutely loved… And it was because of the definition. The funny part about this is most of the images I loved were all from the same person Kit and Clowder. So I posted a image that I had colored on Instagram and in the comment bar I asked my Instagram friends that if any of them knew of a video I could watch that would help me with definition please let me know. One of my Instagram buddies commented and told me about Kit and Clowder. I was so excited! I seen on her website/youtube a lot of the images I had bookmarked. I started right away watching her videos and incorporating her techniques in my coloring. Immediately I saw a difference in my coloring technique and the depth of my coloring. Before my coloring was good but it was flat and had very little definition after watching her videos and applying her coloring techniques the two images I colored look completely different from what I was doing before.
She is an awesome teacher and does very well explaining her techniques!
Here are two before and after images of my coloring...

All three of these images are from Saturated Canary 



Colors Used
Hair: W3/W5/W7
Eyes: C3/C5
Lips: RV02/RV04/RV06/RV66
Skin: E00/E11/E13/E15/E37
Purples: BV00/BV02/BV13/BV08
Blue-Greens: BG10/BG13/BG15/BG18
Shoes: E21/E23/E25/E27/E29
Grass/Shadow: W3/W5/W7/G94/G97

Saturated Canary: Roger That

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